American Sunset
(Working Title)

“American Sunset” is a story about love and sacrifice. It’s an edge-of-your-seat shocking thriller about how one ordinary man traveled to hell and back to save his wife.

A shocking thriller, with a Usual Suspects–style twist, “American Sunset” will have both moviegoers and crime solvers alike anxiously waiting for clues to this mystery’s riddle; each time wondering if it will not be too late.

On a trip back to Canada, Tom Marlow wakes to find his beloved wife missing. Their vacation home – now a crime scene – is now littered with clues to his wife’s whereabouts. In order to ensure her safe return, Tom, now a stranger in the land of his birth is forced to cooperate with the practices of local authorities, the political rhetoric of the American Embassy and the unorthodox methods of a Private Investigator he hired to help him.

Amidst the chaos of the investigation, the silence is broken when the phone rings and an evil voice on the other end asks: “You wanna play a game? Here’s your first riddle.” Tom and the P.I. are now part of a treasure hunt set in motion by his wife’s captors. The game is simple and the prize is his wife’s freedom. Each correctly answered riddle brings them one-step closer; but one wrong answer…one missed deadline…and the consequences will be fatal.

As the hunt brings them deeper and deeper into a corrupt world, spawned by greed, deception and immoral motives, one thing is clear; this is not a random kidnapping for money – this is personal.

“American Sunset” has a unique way of grabbing the audience and bringing them into the investigation along with the main characters and cheering for the protagonist. “American Sunset” will test your attention-to-detail skills and even give you time to decode the riddles before time runs out. It’s a shocking thriller with an original twist that will have audiences revisiting the movie again and again, wondering how they missed so many clues the first time.

In “American Sunset”, everything is a clue and everybody has something to say, even if it is from the grave.