I want to announce and confirm (as you've read in the Hollywood Reporter!) that Season 2 of "The 2 Coreys" is, in fact, happening. I'm very ecstatic & happy about the direction the show is going! I will definitely be keeping in touch with my fans during the hiatus from filming because you are all very important to me! Lots more exciting news to come soon!

I'd also like to make a response about some of the comments I've seen posted on the IMDb message board. With regards to my career, I am trying very hard for myself and for my fans! As far as my personal life, I'd like to keep that private. Anything I wish to share about it will be posted here at my official website. If you see things about me posted elsewhere, please disregard it.

I hope everyone is well & having a great New Year!

Love (or Peace, if you're a guy!),
Corey Haim

P.S. -- Jason has asked me to stop talking smack about him, but I can't help it! He's my oldest, closest friend & it's true -- he hasn't changed a bit!

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